Dark Tide (2012) Review

Starring Academy Award winner Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez Dark Tide follows shark expert Kate who witnessed a fatal shark attack that left her friend dead a year before and has evidently caused her business to fail and bills to pile up as she no longer swims or associates herself with sharks.Her husband Jeff shows up on the scene who she has not spoken to since the incident offering Kate 100,000 euros from a thrill seeking millionaire who wants to swim with great whites. The money offer is too good to refuse and off Kate, her team and the millionaire and hisson go to seek out great whites.

The back story of the characters is the only element that carries this film. It’s a shame as the talented cast and premise of the film could of worked a lot better without such a rushed ending. The film starts off great and gained my interest but into the second half I found myself waiting for something to happen but ultimately nothing that exciting actually does. What lets the film down is its slow pace and long running time and its poor attempt at making exciting shark scenes. It is not an awful film, in fact it is one of the better shark movies compared to such awful titles as sand sharks etc. The camera work and photography is pretty impressive but Dark Tide fails to deliver a satisfying climax compared to 2010 film ‘The Reef’ which follows the same premise. Nether the less if you are a fan of shark/creature movies its worth a watch but if you are yet to watch ‘The Reef’ I would highly recommend that over this film any day.

Rating: 4.5/10

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