The Cabin in the Woods(2012) Review

Directed by Drew Goddard, written by Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire slayer) and starring ‘Thors’ Chris Hemsworth.

The Cabin in the Woods is based on a group of twenty somethings heading to stay in a cabin in the woods for a weekend vacation.

A lot of anticipation was surrounding this film upon its release and okay the concept is original as the audience is led to believe they are going in to watch an average clichéd teen horror but this only works if you haven’t seen the trailer or read the reviews as its obvious  there is bound to be a surreal twist in the mix somewhere. The only let down in the film is that half of the film plays out like an average teen horror which really drags and offers the viewer nothing more except for a few hints that give an insight into something more sinister at work. The film is worth a watch as the idea is original which is a lot more then can be said for most horror films from the last decade plus the blood thirsty showdown at the end of the movie which includes some of the most menacing characters of modern horror is a lot of fun. Its hard to review this film without giving too much away so if you love horror we definitely suggest you go watch it to make up your own mind.

Rating: 7/10


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