Frozen (2010) Review

Written and directed by Adam Green (Hatchet) and starring Shawn Ashmore (Xmen), Kevin Zegers (WrongTurn) and Emma Bell (TheWalkingDead).

The film Frozen centres on girlfriend and boyfriend Parker and Dan and his best friend Lynch who bribe ski lift operator Jason into letting them on for cheap as they don’t have enough cash. As the night draws in and the resort starts to shut down the boys plead with the ski lift worker Jason to give them one last run of the slopes. All is fine until Jason needs to speak to management about an issue and passes his duty over to an impatient fellow ski lift worker who accidently thinks a trio of snowboarders are the last ones down and turns the chairlifts off. Dan, Parker and Lynch soon realise they need to decide whether they want to freeze to death or jump with life and death consequences.  As Brad Miska of ‘’ states “will do for skiing what ‘Jaws’ did for swimming” an agreeable statement and I’m glad I am neither a swimmer nor a damn skier.

Not a film I had heard of until I came across it by chance. Frozen offers its viewer the chance to witness battle between man and nature at its most terrifying. For an unknown and low budget film I was very impressed with the character development and their story which made you feel for the individuals. This is one of the better nature vs. man films and a lot better than a lot of the teen horror/thrillers floating around at the moment. The acting is great by all three cast members and allows you to step into their shoes and question what would you do in that type of situation. The wolves and gore are realistic and play out well as you are never given too much or too little of either which works in the films favour. It’s a truly unnerving and intense thriller that will scare you down to the bone and deserves much more recognition then it got. I highly recommend this film.

Rating: 8/10


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