Stephen King Tour in Bangor Maine!!!

Stu Tinker and his wife Penney ran ‘Betts’ book store in Derry Maine for many years specialising in all things Stephen King until 2009 when passionate and dedicated King fan Stu Tinker sold his store and decided to open and run a Stephen King Tour.

The tour attracts people from all over the world and Stu operates the tour all through the year on a daily basis. He originally started to do occasional mini tours in the early 90s but since selling up shop and dedicating himself to his tour full time he is now in high demand and has trouble keeping up with it all.

Tinker states “I can do two tours a day, sometimes three. People ask a lot of questions. People want to take a lot of pictures. It can go up to four hours. We get talking and we can’t stop.”

On the tour visitors are taken to iconic scenes from Kings books and films along with Kings inspiration for his books and his previous places of residency like the apartment he lived in when he wrote ‘Carrie’ and later sold when ‘Carrie’ was brought and published.

I don’t know about you guys but this is bloody Awesome!!!

Anyone from Maine or planning a visit?

Find out more here


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