Grave Encounters(2011) Review




Written and Directed by The Vicious Brothers and starring Sean Rogerson (Harpers Island).

‘Grave Encounters’ follows a paranormal hunting, television production crew as they embark on a night’s stay at Collingwood Psychiatric Hospital (an old abandoned asylum with reports of strange activities). Quite sceptical about the hospital being haunted the crew try to make their show more interesting so they bribe a gardener with $20 to tell the camera he has seen a ghost on site and by getting the caretaker to lock them in the hospital. Little do they know they are about to encounter some mean ass spirits and find themselves trapped in the haunted asylum as it becomes a freaky maze, home to all sorts of evil.

After watching a number of paranormal films like ‘Paranormal Activity’, ‘Rec’ and ‘The Blair Witch Project’ I thought this film would more than likely bore me to death but I was wrong. ‘Grave encounters’ is definitely one of the better supernatural/found footage films and it works well as it takes elements from a lot of these films and rolls them into one. The atmosphere and spooky incidents create real tension and suspense and when the horrifying ghosts are revealed in the second half of the film it doesnt ruin the built up suspense as the ghosts are visually terrifying and believable.

The only let down was the last 15 minutes where I found myself getting a little bored, maybe the film should of just ended instead of revealing a little more about the hospital.

There’s nothing new and original about ‘Grave Encounters’ but who cares it does the job, plus what the hell is original these days. Hollywood definitely is not!!

This films a damn good time and worth a watch as it deliver’s some genuine jump out of your sit moments that will make your heart race and I am not easily scared. I would say turn off all the lights and watch Grave Encounters alone for ultimate effect.



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