Interview with ‘You’re Next’ actor Nicholas Tucci!!!

Why did you get into acting?
That’s an interesting question.  I don’t know if I’ve ever really thought about “why.”  I guess part of what appeals to me is the opportunity to play a character that means something to a lot of different people and being linked forever with that fictional creation.  To get a chance to play a role where you’re identified forever with that character—that’s something that is very unique to the acting profession and something I’d like to try and accomplish.
How did you get involved in the film?
I acted in a horror film by Chris Peckover called UNDOCUMENTED, which was produced by Snoot Entertainment, the same company that made YOU’RE NEXT.  The producers asked me to audition for Felix, and I think maybe a week later I was in Missouri, sitting at the dinner table with all these amazing actors.
What was your favourite scene to film and was it hard to keep a straight face in some of the more comical scenes?
The kitchen fight was the most fun for me, I think, though I also really liked working with Lane Hughes and L.C. Holt, who played the Fox and the Lamb, respectively.  I think most of us in the cast were playing it fairly straightforward, and it certainly didn’t occur to me how funny many of the moments were going to be until I saw the film.  But it was very hard to keep a straight face around Joe Swanberg with the arrow sticking out of his back.  That never stopped being funny.
What was it like working with horror director Adam Wingard?
I was one of the few people who didn’t know Adam before we started working together on the movie, and I was immediately impressed with him and the way he works with actors.  He was able to keep a great balance between letting the actors put their own spin on things, and at the same time getting things in line with his vision for how scenes or specific moments would play out.  I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to work for him.
Will there be a sequel as I’ve heard it may turn into a franchise?
I hope so!  It’s unlikely I’d be a part of it, though, unless we were secretly a family of werewolves.
The masks are pretty menacing, what one would you least like to bump into in a dark alleyway? 
I’d actually be pretty psyched about that.  It would mean the movie really made an impact.
Although I wouldn’t like to bump into Sharni Vinson either, she’s a tough cookie.
I think if it came down to it, Sharni would have my back.  Which is very reassuring.
Tell us more about your character Felix and his background?
The aspect I tried to focus on was his position in the birthing order.  He’s the baby of the family, and I tried to keep that in mind and let that inform a lot of his behavior and the way he relates to others.  Especially in his relationship with Zee, I thought of him as very ineffectual and just sort of along for the ride.
How does a blender feel?
I think it’s all up there on the screen.  I did more work on that than the blender did, that’s for sure.
What was your favourite character to play?  Felix from ‘You’re Next’ or Nathan from Choose? (Which is another great horror film btw. I got it on DVD last Xmas)
It’d be hard to pick a favorite.  I had a great time playing both.  And I love the fact that they both get beaten to death by beautiful women.
What’s your favourite horror movie and if you could be in any horror film past or present who would you like to play?
I don’t know if it’s my favorite, but I loved EVENT HORIZON as a kid and thought that movie was scary as hell.  Also, 28 DAYS LATER—I especially loved the actors who played the soldiers and later got to transform into zombies.  That seemed like such a cool opportunity.
Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees?
Michael Myers.
Dexter or Hannibal? (If you watch Dexter, what do you think is going to happen at the end?)
I love them both.  I have no idea what’s going to happen to Dex, but I hope Harrison makes it out okay in the end.
I hear you’re a huge Stephen King fan. What’s your favourite King books? I find it hard to choose although I have a lot of love for his short stories. 
I just finished JOYLAND, which I loved, though PET SEMATARY is definitely my favorite.  Maybe favorite all-time novel, in fact.
What has been your favourite film adaption of his and do you agree with King for hating Stanley Kubrick’s film adaption of ‘The Shining’
I don’t think my favorite’s been made yet.  It’d be one that I got to be a part of, probably.  And I’d hope he’d like it—that’d be the most important critique, I think.
Are you looking forward to the new Carrie movie and have you heard the rumours about ‘IT’ being remade?
Yes!  I think they’re both going to be awesome.  I’d love to get a part in the latter, that’s for sure.
What are your upcoming projects?
I recently shot a relationship comedy called THE WORST YEAR OF MY LIFE, which is a bit of a change of pace for me in terms of genre. And I’m working on getting an original script of mine out there called LAKE DEMON.  It’s a Loch Ness-type thriller.
For anyone that hasn’t seen ‘You’re Next’ yet why they should see it?
I think it’s a fun movie, and it’s a chance to see a lot of the new generation of horror folks all in one place.
Thank you for your time Nicholas and good luck with everything in  the future, hope to see you on the big screen again soon.

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