Panic Button (2011) Review

reviews.jpgDirected by Chris Crow (Devils Bridge) and starring Scarlett Alice Johnson (EastEnders, The Reeds)  Michael Jibson (Devils Bridge, The Bank Job) and Jack Gordon (Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead, Fish Tank)

Panic Button is a character driven horror/thriller that is based on four strangers who have won a competition to New York via a private Jet, courtesy of, a social networking site which has an odd in flight mascot.

Once on board the winners realise something is not quite right as they become contestants in a sinister game bringing fourth their deep dark secrets and secret persona’s online.

I had never heard of ‘Panic Button’ until one evening I couldn’t decide what horror film to watch so I typed in Google search ‘Best horror films of 2011’ which led me to a list which contained ‘Panic Button’.

I was quite sceptical at first but once the film had started and the characters and their witty dialogue were introduced, I was hooked.

Set on board a private jet the film creates a claustrophobic atmosphere as the nasty side of social media is put on display, toying with the contestants dark secrets in a wicked game of truth or dare.

The acting is spot on from both male leads which allows ‘Panic Button’ to intelligently mix terror with comedy which makes this film memorable and enjoyable, especially for such a low budget British horror film.

It goes to show what some of these big budget films lack and what the lower budget and lesser known films bring.

The ending was not as great as I had hoped but the twist and motive was still satisfying enough.

Although this film has the odd torture scene in it, do not expect a blood soaked gorefest, this is not necessarily a bad thing, too many horror films these days rely too much on gore and effects which in turn results in a sloppy underdeveloped script and characters.

Definitely worth a watch, we all enjoyed this!!!

Rating: 6.8/10


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