FUNKO release new line up of The Walking Dead pop vinyls

2016-09-18 20.11.26.png

With AMCs The Walking Dead set to return in October, FUNKO have got us all excited and are releasing a new set of pop vinyls to keep us happy.

The line up includes another variation of fan favourite Daryl Dixon (of course), an older version of Karl (finally), Gabriel and Rosita, Jesus and everybodys public enemy no1 Negan,the leader of the savage Saviours and his little friend Lucille.

Now I’ve heard some people say they are not happy with the look of the Negan pop and state another head would of been better suited as the one used looks like Freddy Mercury. I disagree I think it looks bloody awesome and can’t wait to get my hands on one.

With the release of the human cast it won’t be long before FUNKO release some more zombie pops from the series, so keep an eye out and grab them fast before they sky rocket in value.

These guys are released September/October time (depends what country you reside in)





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