Interview with Horror Tattoo Artist Scott Mcskimming!


How did you get into tattooing?
I had been drawing as long as i could pick up a pencil and i loved tattoos. So after getting laid off from a 9-5 i had, i pursued and landed an apprenticeship.

What’s your favourite style?
I love all styles but prefer to do realism. Black and gray realism to be specific.

Have you done or plan to do any more horror tattoos?
Ive done several horror tattoos. Its by my absolute favorite thing to do. Im working on a few horror themed sleeves.

What would be your ideal horror icon/scene to tattoo on someone?
I dont have a specific icon/scene i have in mind that i want to do. I like them all.

Out of all the tattoos that you have done, what one is your favourite and what tattoo did you find the hardest to do?

I dont think i have a favorite. Anything horror related is my favorite. Freddy is by far the hardest. He has ALOT of detail compared to most characters which have masks. Thats why there are so many bad tattoos of him that have been done.

What’s your favourite horror movie?
I dont think i could name a favorite. I have so many that i love. I will say that Friday the 13th pt.2 was the first movie that scared me and pulled me. I was hooked from then on.

Find Scott at ATOMIC TATTOO at Brandon Mall Florida

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