Interview with horror sketch artist Kendra Jenice Kizzie



1.When did you become a fan of horror and why?

I became a horror fan right around the terrifying age of 11. Wes Craven’s Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2 was playing on some late night channel with the sex crap late night which was funny,anyways, something about Wes Craven made me want to see more of his work.
From Tobe Hooper,Tom Savani,Sam Rami,Clive Barker,Stephen King,props to Stanley Kubrick as well, and most of all George A Romero. Their work made a brain become clay played with by a child’s hand. It was great horror and gore mixed with liking the villain. The fx makeup was right up, the idea of incredible but sometimes it was hard on the artists of course. The thrill and excitement of being scared to death to loving giant daikaiju or kaiju to aliens was like a love never lost.
2. How did you get into art and are you self taught or did you go to school?

I was self taught til I started learning from my dad. I progressed through school with art but due to their b.s. I worked by myself without school help. In art school it gave me a few tips but it still didn’t help see from my side of vision and ability. So now at another school where it’s hands on and they try to help get you started on putting your art out. I still draw stuff I do on a regular basis in my free time.
3.You create numerous works of horror, what’s your favourite medium and materials to use?

Horror runs in art yes, I use just about anything I get my hands on to mold up into something pretty bizarre but I see it as beautiful
4.Who is your favourite character to use?

Really good question, well my favorite character to draw is Stitch from Mushroomhead because of the way he looks, it’s actually creepy how far his mask will change. Not to mention the eyes, they’re like they’re not even his. He’s a walking horror character and it’s so cool. His mask is complex and classic creepy like Bioshock.
5.What’s your favourite piece of work that you have created?

Favorite work is..well dang that’s hard! Hmmm between Stitch splicer, The Orcs of Donos and the many faces of Stitch hmmmm..the many faces of Stitch because the media I used was sketchbook, no Canson paper this time, mechanical pencil and Reeves color pencils,slightly different from Prismacolor. I wanted it to be straight black and white like the B movies. I did it for Stitch’s bday and he really liked it said it was really cool. I thanked him for being a great big part of the piece.
6.Have you got any upcoming exhibitions coming up?

Hmm not yet except box gallery which I got to make prints of certain pieces chosen.
7. What are you working on at the moment?

Nothing right now except homework assignments, but in foundations Im doing an alien and you know who I’m talking about lol, using only acrylic paint (color pencils aside) and using Canson construction paper as geometrical shapes.
8. What’s your favourite scary movie?

Fav scary movie is Ooooh s@#t you! Another tough one. The Shining!

To contact Kendra visit her instagram page k.j.kizziekizzie

All artwork belongs to Kendra Jenice Kizzie



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