Chucky and Tiffany will be back! Seventh Chucky film in the works



Everyone’s favourite bad mouthed killer doll is back!
With six films under its belt, a seventh is in the works.

The creator of the Childs Play franchise Don Mancini is currently storyboarding the next film in the franchise as he tweeted a photo on his Twitter (can be seen below)

Although Chucky and Tiffanys son Glen can be seen in the tweet, he hasnt been confirmed for the film and in the tweet it states Glen is being used as Chuckys body double.
Although everyones favourite bad bitch Tiffany will be in the film as Machini has confirmed that the beautiful Jennifer Tilly will be back along with Fiona Dourif (Brad Dourifs daughter)

Are you guys excited for the return of the little guy and his killer bride or do you think the series has ran its course?

2016-10-12 19.55.41.png


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