Hot Topic release new Horror FUNKO pops!!


Hot Topic have released 4 new horror funko pop vinyl exclusives! They include a new version of Beetlejuice, glow in the dark Pinhead,  Friday the 13th Part 5‘s Roy Burns, who is billed on the packaging as Jason Voorhees  but the blue slash marks on the hockey mask indicate that it’s not Jason and Alex from ‘A Clockwork Orange’ with his mask on (which is pretty cool)

I can’t help but feel disappointed, there are soo many other great horror franchises and characters they could of made.

The new Jason is lazy, it looks like they have just stuck a new version of Jason’s mask on Michael Myers body.

They could of made Jason Voorhess in his sack mask from Friday the 13th part 2, a different cenobite from Hellraiser like Chattering, damn even some horror heroines.

I know FUNKO have a lot of catergories to focus on since the pops have become so popular but I feel us horror fans have been slightly neglected. I know FUNKO have done good in the horror television section but they need to make more horror film characters and pull their finger out!





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