Interview with actress Sadie Katz (Wrong Turn 6 and Bloodfeast)



How did you get into acting and had you always wanted to be an actress?

I’ve absolutely always been a fan and always wanted to be an actress. Most of the time when people say you’re an actress they say it’s in your “blood” or you’re just overly “dramatic”.Sometimes that’s hurtful when you’re a little girl because you feel like your feelings aren’t really taken seriously but, as you get older I feel like I’m actually a little tougher in some ways. Sometimes, I can be a little callous, I’m very Meisner meaning that I don’t really hold back my “truth” that can make me sometimes an overly honest person. In acting this is a wonderful tool. In real life people would rather you maybe not say how you really feel. Actors can either be the best people to be around or the worst. Now that’s being honest! Now…how did I get into acting…I started off with school plays, even writing my own. When I was in my early 20’s I moved to Los Angeles and started to do student films and just kept going from there. A lot of pursuing acting has to do with just keeping at it.

You starred as Sally in Wrong Turn 6. Was you initially a fan of the franchise before starring in it?

I feel super duper lucky to have such a cool character in such a well loved franchise. Frank Woodworth wrote this really wacky, fun, sexy, unstable character in Sally and I was like obsessed with playing her right when I got the audition. Honestly, I had seen the first Wrong Turn and maybe the third when I booked Sally I spent the day watching the series…I was like oh no…what have I gotten myself into!!!! Ha. The movies are cra-zy. This is before I saw the entire script- 20th Century Fox was extremely secretive about sending out the script we had to wait and sign a bunch of non-disclosures which made it all the more exciting. When I read the last scene which I won’t give away for any of your readers who haven’t seen it…I was like oh my god…this is going to be the craziest thing I could ever do ever.

How did you feel about the controversy surrounding Wrong Turn 6?

As far as the controversy surrounding the movie…here’s what I have gathered…basically our producer, whose first language is English asks the prop guys who first language is Bulgarian for “Missing Persons” signs for the scene outside the grocery store.  With absolutely no ill intent the prop guys take it literally and go to the internet and find actual missing persons and make posters. Cut to WT6 being released- one of the people on the posters is actually found deceased and the family is very hurt understandably and sues Fox.  This is super sad. A judge pulls the film- they put a temporary ban on the film until they rerelease the film with the blurred images. You asked me how I feel about the whole thing it’s like very mixed feelings honestly because, you think wow you don’t want to exploit anyone’s pain in anyway like that.  It was an honest mistake.  You hate to say this…but, of course horror fans were also kind of excited by it because it made their original copies kind of collectors items and I was doing a signing in Canada and people were stoked to have me sign their copies and it made the film have a sorta trivia about it.  So, when you’re promoting a film you get kindof excited about anything that gets people talking about a film but…not at a family’s expense of being hurt so…you feel bad for them.

You wrote the screenplay for the film ‘Scorned’ starring Billy Zane and Annalynne Mccord.
I heard you got the idea from a past experience with an ex. Can you tell us more?

Ha, yeah Scorned…my writing partner Mark Jones (Leprechaun) he and I were just talking about how crazy people can get in break ups- the obsessive nature of it.  I think there’s something especially heart wrenching about having your best friend cheat with your boyfriend that can make girls go nuts, it’s such a betrayal. I actually had this happen- my best friend started posting pictures hanging out with my ex, wearing my clothes and it cut me like a knife.  On some level it’s absolutely primal- jealousy is a completely wasted emotion. But, when someone is lost in that emotion it can be a very scary, scary thing. We wanted to write something where the lead was just kind of spiraling into that PMS- gone haywire I think there’s something deliciously fun to watch with that it’s dangerous, it’s scary but, also can be tongue in cheek.  We gave Annalynne’s character (who for fun is also named Sadie) lots of great one liners…we weren’t taking ourselves seriously. It was an exaggeration of how out of control things get in a break up.

You star as the Goddess Ishtar in the the new remake of ‘Bloodfeast’.
What was it like working on the film and for those that have not seen the original can you tell us about the character you play and what to expect from this film.

Bloodfeast!  I shot that in Germany with just an amazing cast and crew.  I saw the finished film and it’s this really unique sexy, stylish, bloodbath. If you knew the director Marcel Walz this would make sense to you.  The film is just a feast for the eyes. It’s so beautiful but, I’ll be truthful I had to close my eyes for a lot of the scenes gore-y.  Which is exactly what they should be- the original Bloodiest was the very first gore film! Without it we may have never had Saw, Hostel or even Wrong Turn franchises…Blood Feast created an entire genre.  My character Goddess Ishtar was a lot of fun to create with Marcel we made her a mischievous, devilish, sexy alter ego or ID of Robert Rustlers’ (Nightmare on Elm Street) character I don’t want to give away too much but, there’s some questions of how real I am to him and what I represent which was fun to play with.

You can watch the trailer for Bloodfeast HERE

Do you prefer working behind the scenes or in front of the camera?

I enjoy working in front of the camera although it’s cliche..I really love directing theatre and would love to direct a nice little dramatic indie film as I bump along. I’m a big documentary fan and have been working on my doc “Bill Murray Experience” both in front of the camera and behind- I’d love to be a female Morgan Spurlock.

Apart from the characters you have played in horror, if you could of played any role in a horror movie (past or present) What would it of been?

I’d love to play Jack’s Nicholson’s role in The Shining. Honestly, when girl’s lose their shit, I mean really lose their shit I think they’re scarier than men.

Apart from ‘Bloodfeast’ have you got any more horror projects coming up?

Hybristophilia  Read more here

The Nightshift Read more here

Moggy creatures Read more here


What’s your favourite scary movie?

My favorite horror film changes all of the time…but with all this crazy clown stuff going on how can you not love “It” that gave me nightmares for weeks!

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