Check out MY PRETTY ZOMBIE for creepy cool cosmetics!


Do you love horror and make-up? My Pretty Zombie is the shop to visit! Click HERE to visit the shop.

Plus as its Black Friday there is a 33% off all products until Monday if you use the code “BLACK16”

The My Pretty Zombie owner had this to say about her company

“I’ve been around awhile. I first opened my My Pretty Zombie as an etsy store in July 2008 to sell my hand painted zombie barbies. I began making cosmetics under the MPZ or My Pretty Zombie name in May 2010. I left etsy in October 2013 after starting my own website. You can read the feedback for my etsy here

As far as advertising goes, I don’t do much of it. As an old hipster myself, I dislike things that other people like. I’ve run my company that same way. There is something that is so appealing to me about being small time and underground. I love that I get new customers because someone loved my stuff enough to share it with them. I’m not a fan of big, glossy, expensive advertisement. I’m not in this for the money. I do it because I love the art and the excitement of coming up with something totally new and weird. I still do it because I get so excited still when I hear how much someone loves when they get a severed finger in the mail. I get excited when people tell me they never used to wear makeup, and now its fun again. I love that a color named Anthrax could be my top seller. I love my loyal customers, new and old. Thank You!”


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