Top 10 Walking Dead Funko POPS!



If you happen to be a funko pop collector or a lover of The Walking Dead then no doubt you have a couple of these bad boys in your collection.

Here is a list of our top 10 walking dead funko pops!

10. Carol Peletier


Carol has been one of our favourite characters from the beginning. She’s a badass who has lost much but gained so much strength. This pops likeliness to Melissa McBride and her statement outfit makes carol our number 10.

9. Well Walker


The Well Walker funko is brilliantly made and you can even display him in two pieces if you like.

It’s gory but extremely cute and the detail is great.

8. RV Walker


RV Walker makes the number 8 spot in our top ten!

He’s great, the detail on him is amazing even down to the screw driver in the eye. (That scene in season 2 is iconic)

7. Daryl biker (px exclusive)


Although there are currently 6 normal sized daryl pops (not including the ride and 9″) this one is our favourite because it depicts the character the best with his signature leather jacket and bow which we think makes him look badass.

6. Headless Hershel


This is our ultimate Grail POP and we hope to one day own this one. It’s a SDCC exclusive and although it’s pretty grim and shows our beloved Hershel without his head it is an awesome looking pop and one any walking dead fan needs in their collection.

5. Woodbury Walker


This is our third favourite walker you’ll see the other two further down the list! Again the detail is awesome and a must for fans.

4. Teddy Bear Girl


Teddy bear girl is from the first season and has got to be the creepiest funko from the walking dead franchise as its a dead zombie girl. I love that they included the teddy bear in this funko, it makes it super adorable yet eerie.

Now for our top three walking dead funko POPs

3. Prison guard walker


This pop is just epic! You can flip the mask up if you want and it’s super gory looking. We love that you can also get a riot gear Glenn in the same outfit and they look awesome placed next to each other.

2. Maggie Greene


Well by no surprise our number two is Maggie!

We love the pop so much that it was our first walking dead pop that we purchased and why not, it’s Lauren Cohan and she is hot. We are hoping that they release an up to date Maggie pop at some point.

1. Glenn Rhee (Red Cap)


It took us a while to get this little gem in our collection but we finally have him and he is our number 1 walking dead funko pop.

This Glenn depicts him in the first season with his signature red cap and shot gun. Glenn has been our favourite character since the very beginning and we are very happy to own this pop. Glenn will be truely missed from the show.

By Katie Louise Hall


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