Saw: Legacy Plot Details Revealed and Tobin Bell Will Return!


Tobin Bell is set to return to our screens as Jigsaw this October. The eighth film in the SAW franchise titled Saw: Legacy hopes to revive the franchise that came to an end in 2010. Plot details have been kept secretly hidden and a trailer has not been released.

According to Bloody Disgusting Saw: Legacy is set to begin with bodies turning up around the city who have all met a gruesome death and As the investigation proceeds, evidence points to one man: John Kramer. But how? Jigsaw has been dead for over a decade. Or has an apprentice picked up from where Jigsaw left off? perhaps even someone on the inside?

As far as we know Costas Mandylor and Cary Elwes will not be returning for the eighth film but as for Jigsaw himself ‘Tobin Bell’ will be back in some sort of reprisal.

As we know Saw: Legacy has been written by Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger, the duo behind Piranha and Sorority Row. In the director’s chairs are Peter and Michael Spierig who brought Undead, Daybreakers and Predestination to life.

Franchise Producers Mark Burg and Oren Koules have returned also.

By Katie Louise Hall


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