Review of Walker Stalker Con London 2017!

2017-03-08 18.34.15.png


Walker Stalker London took place on the 4th to the 5th of March, last weekend.
The event itself was held in the grand Hall of the Olympia, according to the organisers they had less attendees than the previous year and more space (I cannot comment as this was my first time attending) Overall the venue seemed spaced out and was easy to walk around freely.

Ticket levels varied from Platinum to Standard GA and of course the higher the ticket level the more cast members you could meet.

I had a Saturday GA entry ticket and I managed to have 4 photo ops and met one actor at their autograph booth, although could of met more.
Now time for some of the Pros and Cons:
Pros –
From what I saw the guests were all extremely friendly and chatty and even though I only managed to meet one guest at their table (Alanna Masterson) the rest of the cast seemed lovely towards fans.


The layout between guests and stalls was brilliant as there was more than enough room for queuing for guests and being able to walk around without feeling over crowed.

The autograph lines had barriers up for different ticket levels which made it super easier when queuing and no one got confused.

Meeting fellow fans in the queue’s for both autographs and photo ops was fun too, everyone was so chatty and it was a friendly environment to be in.
Another plus about the autograph area’s is that some guests had high tables for signing which meant that they stood up and actually greeted fans instead of a table being between the guest and fan which I thought was fantastic as it makes things less awkward.

The volunteers in queues were extremely approachable and they were very helpful in letting you know where you needed to go which made the day less stressful if you had a lot to do.

The photo op area was easily laid out and each actor who was due to be in a photo op had their queue number on a tv screen so you knew which queue to get into which I thought was fantastic.

The queues went down quickly once the photo session had started and the photos printed out instantly (like most conventions)

The celeb photo ops team done a fantastic job at making sure everyone got their photo and that everything ran smoothly, they were brilliant. They even had printed out cards for each guest which I thought was awesome even though we couldn’t keep them after our photo op.

There was an adequate amount of stalls which sold some awesome artwork and walking dead collectibles here are a few pieces I brought from the show:

Cons –
It was expensive to buy photo ops in advance so I knew the autographs would be priced quite high but I wasn’t expecting to pay £50 for a selfie. I brought a selfie from Alanna Masterson as I knew in advance that she takes several pictures. For some guests £50 seems a bit steep just for one picture on your phone but I guess people will pay it. The autograph prices and combo prices (auto and selfie) were apparently higher than last year and a lot of people were not happy with this but at an event specifically aimed at fans of The Walking Dead, the biggest tv show right now it’s to be expected.

Be prepared to queue a lot especially if a guest you want to meet is late. A few guests arrived way past the time that they were supposed to and this caused delays in autograph sessions and photo ops.

Overall the event itself has more pros than cons and I throughly enjoyed myself.

Here are my photo ops that I had throughout the day 🙂


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