Interview with “Engravers Dungeon”Artist Diego Scaglia Rat!



When did you become a fan of horror?
I’ve always been a fan of horror, especially when it was mixed with space and science fiction. I still remember the first time I saw “Alien” the movie. I was around 12, I saw it on a very old little B&W television, I couldn’t watch it, I couldn’t even stop to watch it. The creature from the great artist H.R.Giger followed me in my dreams until today and I’m 39 !!!!

Your work is incredible! Are you self taught or did you attend school?
I attended drawing classes when I was a child, but in regards to digital art and laser engraving experience, I’m self taught. It required a lot of time and effort to achieve this result.

Where do you get inspiration from?
From movies and from monsters of any type. I also like nautical and medical themes. I live in Valencia, plenty of museums here, so I often take some details for the border of my artworks, like flourish rococo and vintage styles.

How long does it take to create one of your wood engravings on average?
Well including the digital artwork, it can take a month. Sometimes I start a piece and finish it in 2 days, I call this an “illumination” :)) Sometimes it takes weeks or a month. Sometimes (many times especially in the beginning) I abandoned the project because I didnt like it or it didnt come out the way I imagine it. In 3 hours I can have a wood engraving in my hands, but this is total time, because in between the varnish and paint must dry, its only the laser time that takes around 2 hours.

What’s your favourite piece of work so far?
I’m very proud of my latest because I discovered a new technique. I love to paint certain areas before the laser engraving process, so its like guessing the colours without knowing the final result. “The Red King Skull” is one of my favourites so far….

What are your upcoming projects?
Im currently working on a “Tron” project, more skull related artworks, and I must engrave another shark mandible painted (of course, will have blood on the teeth)

What’s your favourite scary movie?
Alien, forever in my nightmares…

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