The Walking Dead Season 7 Finale Review!


The beginning of The Walking Dead season started with a bang with the loss of two of our beloved characters, it then slowed the pacing throughout the season which some fans didn’t like and were not impressed with the format that the writers were using. With the season 7 finale fast approaching many fans were worried that it wouldn’t live up to their expectations but here at Welcome to Horrorland we were not disappointed.

We started with Sasha in a coffin listening to music and by the looks of it going in and out of consciousness we then go from beautiful moments of Sasha with Abraham and scenes of Negan explaining what he needs of Sasha when they arrive at Alexandria. Throughout the episode we get glimpses of Sasha and Maggie similar to what we had in season 5 when they were mourning Bob and Beth whilst watching the sunset and we finally see Sasha take the pill that Eugene gave her in the previous episode. Sasha doesn’t want to be used against her friends so she uses herself as a weapon and turns herself into a walker, although very upsetting to see she went out a badass and even helped Team Family with a win against the saviours with the help of the kingdom and the hilltop of course.

As many of us previously expected the scavengers (heapsters/garbage pail kids) betrayed rick and group and sided with the saviours which of course shocked Rick and for awhile made Negan look like he had the upper hand once again until Carol and King Ezekiel with Shiva in tow rocked up to even the playing field. The CGI on shiva was better than when we have previously seen her and we finally got to see her pounce and eat a saviour but not before Negan lines Rick and Carl up and begins to swing lucille into action.


Has Eugene betrayed Team Family? As far as betraying the group Eugene hasn’t given us much hope especially when he turned up on the megaphone and announcing the he is negan. He may have a different motive than what we are currently seeing on screen and hopefully he can redeem himself in season 8 and betray the saviours but we will just have to wait and see.

The episode was well written and executed beautifully from the Sasha and Abraham moments to the beautiful Maggie speech at the end about glenn. We may have lost another favourite character but she went out as a pure warrior even in death.

Now the wait for season 8 and All Out War begins and we cannot wait. Roll on October.

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