“American Horror Story: Roanoke” to make appearance at Halloween Horror Nights!


With The shining set to take centre stage at this years Halloween Horror Nights we are excited to tell you that so will American Horror Story: Roanoke, based on the last season of AHS attendees will experience supernatural horrors within the Roanoke maze.

Creative Director of Halloween Horror Nights ‘John Murdy’ has revealed on Twitter why the attraction is based off just one season and not several like previous years, here’s what he had to say:

“As you know, last year we did our first American Horror Story maze based on the seasons Murder House, Freak Show and Hotel,” he wrote. “This year we’ve decided to focus on a single season of AHS, the most recent season… Roanoke. The maze last year was extremely well received by our fans and the fans of AHS. But after last year I wanted to take a different approach.”

“Each season of AHS is its own world. Each season has plenty of content for its own maze,” Murdy continued. “So we wanted to focus on a single season this time. Because we’re focusing on Roanoke this year, that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about Coven and Asylum. It means we’re saving them. I didn’t want to do them all in one maze this year… when you think about a season like Asylum… that can be its own maze in the future, etc. So that’s why we took the approach we did. We get to do an in-depth Roanoke maze hitting all the major scenes, characters, etc.“

Check out the trailer below:






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