Peter Morgan talks about his online horror series “Welcome to Black Mountain” and its upcoming web series!


Visit the horrifying “Welcome to Black Mountain” HERE

Did you always want to become a writer and what attracted you to the horror genre?
From around 7 years old I remember rewriting the stories I was told at school to give them the endings I wanted, so yes I’ve always wanted to be a writer. My parents and siblings are big into horror so I grew up watching horror movies, I remember watching Stephen Kings It as a child and became obsessed with horror.

Can you tell us about “Welcome to Black Mountain”?
Welcome To Black Mountain is about an island plagued with supernatural beings and creatures disguised as humans. From soul eating demons, Djinn, bogeyman to Egyptian deities. What ever nightmarish creature or situation you can imagine the island will manifest. Black Mountains soil is cursed and once you set foot on it your soul becomes tainted… no one escapes.

What inspired you to write “Welcome to Black Mountain”?
The idea of arriving on a beautiful island with amazing people and having fun just to later realise that you are nothing but a meal to one of them or a pawn in one of their sick twisted games excited me. To be trapped with no way to leave.. and nowhere to hide. I wanted the island to have a darkness and many mysteries. The Island Lore section of Black Mountain is many other stories from the Black Mountain universe and Tie into the main story.

Who is your favourite character in your stories?
I have many favourite characters, but if I had to choose one it would be the detective Mel who came to the island for a “case” about a missing person. She has so many layers and nothing is ever what it seems with her. She also feels a connection to the island she cannot explain.. yet.

What’s your favourite story on Welcome to Black Mountain?
It has to be Maya’s Nirvana. A mother searching desperately for her daughter while intruders have entered their home. But in try Welcome To Black Mountain fashion there is something much darker and sinister also in the house.

Who would you cast if your series was adapted into a film?
Again so many characters. But the main characters so far I would cast.
Anthony- Benicio del Toro
Stuart – Alexander Skarsgard
Peter – Reeve Carney
Mel – Sarah Paulson
Tieckey – Rachel Weisz
Lorraine – the one and only Jessica Lange.
Netty – Jessica chastain
Gina – Diane Guerrero
Lilly – Eva Green
Diego – Darren Criss
Christian – Kellan Lutz
I could go on forever.

Can you tell us more about adapting your stories into a web series?
The web series will be focused on the island lore ( ghost stories) as they are short stories and will allow me to make 30 minute short movies. I have a great team lined up with talented directors and actors.

What are you currently working on?
At the moment I’m working on the history of the island. With that said I’m also working on the competition and giveaways side of things. People that submit their fan art/art work and their own stories stand a chance of being published on my site and also being immortalised by me making the winners characters in stories ( as themselves) with the illustrator drawing them as well. Also merchandise. Mugs, ouija boards, shirts, hoodies, ties. Etc.

What’s your favourite scary book?
Hands down it’s Stephen Kings It.


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