We caught up with “Are you afraid of the dark?” film director Nathaniel Ingram!


Nathanial Ingram of Dark Hill Films reached out to us earlier this week with information about his upcoming “Are you afraid of the dark?” fan film, which is due for release this October. You can see our earlier report HERE

We caught up with Nathanial again to get some more information about the project.

A lot of fans are excited about your film being released can you tell us about the project?
Sure. This is a non-profit tribute film as an ode to the original series. It revolves around a group of teenagers called the ‘Midnight Society’ as come together for a new story to be told. We stayed VERY true to the original series and I am excited to see the fans reactions. Oh, and I need to say “pay attention” and you will notice some easter eggs here and there.

What made you decide to make a film based on “Are you afraid of the dark?”
I grew up watching the show as a kid. Shout out to my big sis Natalie for introducing me. But, yeah… I felt it was time. If they’re just going to leave it be, why not have some fun and create what the fans deserve. It is time for a comeback and I strongly believe if done right that could cause some interest. Nostalgia at its best… Not to mention I want the new generation to have that experience, because it was one of the best parts of my childhood.

How long will the film run for and is it focussing on one story or multiple tales?
It will run from 30/45 minutes long, tops. It is one tale, and we recently released the name of it on iHorror.com. It’s called “The Tale of the Ghostly Guest”.

What age certificate will the film have?
I am not aiming for children on this, but more so teenagers and adults. I went a little darker on the writing, but I know it will be fun for the whole family. Good scares, great acting and definitely the campfire opening and closing.

What’s your favourite episode of “Are you afraid of the dark?”
It’s a toss between many… “The Tale of the Thirteenth Floor”, “The Tale of the Ghastly Grinner”, “The Tale of the Super Specs”… I can keep going, but nah.

Do you plan to revive any other horror shows?
Absolutely not. I’m not even reviving this one, particularly. I would love to one day, but only with AYAOTD and right now that’s all in the air.





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