“Betsy Russell” aka Jigsaw’s ex-wife Jill Tuck talks her role in the SAW franchise!


As huge fans of the SAW franchise it was an absolute pleasure to get to interview Betsy Russell aka Jill Tuck. Betsy starred in the saw franchise from SAW III to SAW 3D: The Final Chapter, playing the role of Jigsaw’s Ex-Wife Betsy became a huge part of the SAW franchise and it was very exciting to be able to interview such an iconic character from the franchise.

Here is what Betsy had to say;

What was it like to star in such an iconic horror franchise and when you signed up to do SAW III did you realise how big SAW had become in the film industry?

It was amazing to star in the “SAW” movies. I loved every minute of it. When I signed on to do a days work I knew the franchise was becoming iconic and I was happy to even be in one scene! The fact that it turned into a starring role was obviously a dream for me as it would have been for any actor and helped me get back into acting which was a goal for me at that time.

Your role as Jill Tuck had a huge impact on the franchise. What was your favourite scene or movie to film and why?

“SAW 4” was my favourite movie to film as it was my return to acting after being away raising my boy’s. It was a big honour that the producer’s trusted me to do a good job (after being away from acting for a bit) and there was a lot of pressure on me. I think I rose to the occasion so I was proud of myself 🙂 As far as my favourite scene it had to be when I lost Gideon. That scene in the hallway was actually added after filming was underway. I had 3 miscarriages in my personal life so filming that scene was very real for me and I think healing as well.

Some people say that the SAW franchise is just about torture, do you believe this or do you see a different meaning behind it?

It does have a lot of torture but mainly it’s a thriller. I’ve always said the message behind the torture is what appeals to me. Appreciation. So many times it takes a catastrophic event to point us toward appreciating how wonderful we have it in our precious lives! Wouldn’t it be great if we inherently focused on gratitude instead of what we think we’re lacking, so we wouldn’t have to be tested?

What was it like to work with Jigsaw himself Tobin Bell?

Working with Tobin was very special and beautiful. He’s truly such a giving actor as well as a wonderful human being! He has many tricks up his sleeve when it comes to acting and helping his fellow actor’s feel supported and do their best work.

If you could go back and play Jill again would you do anything different with the character?

In “SAW 3D” people were commenting that I ran like a jerk (away from Costas) or something not quite as nice as that. The truth was I was wearing platform boots and hadn’t stretched. I actually pulled a groin muscle running during the first take. I was running injured for all the future shots which of course they ended up using! So I guess I would have warmed up before filming that scene.

What’s your favourite horror movie and why?

Honestly I’m not a horror fan. I’m more a classic or romantic comedy girl so I guess the “SAW” franchise is my favourite. Actually I’m sure it is!!!

Do you have any new films coming out in the horror genre?

No I don’t. I’ve been offered some roles, people seem excited to kill me in just about anything, but after coming away from “SAW” those are some big traps to fill! Therefore I’m picky. I also don’t think at my age I could get away with the roles I pulled off in my 20’s and I’m happy where I am right now in my career. I have many wonderful generous fans who claim I have inspired them through the roles I’ve played so even if I never work again that’s a lot!

The new SAW film is scheduled for release this year do you know if your character will have flashbacks in it like previous instalments?

Your guess is as good as mine but I hope so!

On your website you do life coaching and give people advise what inspired you to do this? Has it always been a passion of yours or is it a new adventure?

Good question. I started the journey of spiritual psychology 10 years ago, because I was in a difficult relationship and wanted to help myself feel better. I had heard that the University of Santa Monica was a wonderful school and that I would know myself better after graduating from the program. That really started me on the path of personal awakening and I continue to grow and learn. I’ve been studying a modality called “The Three Principals” for a couple of years now. That began when a man named Sydney Banks had an experience that would enlighten him in a profound way. You can google it and find a lot of information about the “Three Principals” on the Internet. It taught me that thought is illusory and we have the power to choose which thoughts to give life to. That was such a freeing idea for me because it felt true and liberating. The idea that thought is all an allusion and we have the choice in every moment to focus on the negative or positive then create a life from those thoughts felt empowering. Now I do private coaching teaching the nature of thought, and it’s rewarding and so effective! I’ve always loved helping others whether it was doing their make-up when I was young or entertaining my friends or whatever. Now I’ve found another venue to help and it’s the very best feeling when I’m coaching someone and I see the light bulb go in their eyes!

Do you plan to attend any conventions here in the UK there are many fans who would love to meet you?

I would love to attend a convention there someday! We’ll just have to wait and see what the universe has planned 🙂

Thank you Betsy for the interview, it was an honour to talk to such an icon in the SAW franchise!!!


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